so what’s my story?

Up until 2016, I was really good at succeeding and achieving at a system that didn’t reward me. I was struggling in having a business that left me frustrated, tired, and took up every spare minute, took over every holiday, and kept me up into the wee hours of the morning.

Can you relate?

It felt like I was ‘playing entrepreneur’ more and more often. I was struggling to figure out what I was worth, where I should place value in myself…and that is NO way to run a business.

I totally relate. You KNOW what you have to do…but for some reason, you just can’t quite get there. You feel like you understand what needs to happen next, but implementing your dreams just isn’t happening the way you wrote it down on paper! And now your business is barely breaking even.


My mother told me as a little girl that I would be the first woman president. She knew from the start how to raise an extraordinary girl. For some reason…I forgot that as I grew older.

When I moved to Austin, I became a mentor by accident. I needed to get my business name out ‘in the town’ and the quickest way was for me to donate my marketing and website design services to other businesses. I got involved heavily with small business non-profits, mentored for whatever and wherever I could, and then I was asked to give workshops on marketing and branding.

It never failed, EVERY single workshop, someone would come forward and ask me about private services. YES! How exciting! I assumed clients would be falling in my lap.

You can imagine my disappointment when no one committed to my services.

One day, I had a very frustrated young woman confront me about my business. She was upset that I couldn’t offer her anything beyond ‘marketing’. She wanted to know what I charged to ‘coach her brand’ and help her business…beyond ‘just marketing’. I left the consultation feeling overwhelmingly irritated.


I vented my frustration to a close client. She just shrugged and casually explained: I’m not just a marketing firm. I’ve been her business coach. I was paired with this client for over 12 weeks, and she admitted to me that she got more out of my mentorship and coaching, then my marketing skills. By helping HER understand her brand and business, I was worth more than just ‘paying for a website’.

YOUR STORY is important.

Can you do what I am doing?

How would you feel if you could start:

  • identifying the RIGHT clients
  • create a brand that truly gives you freedom
  • remember that you had a dream, and that you would anything for your dream
  • be brave, and have the confidence to leap into success

Because you can. I did it. YOU CAN TOO.


In 8 short months, I have made more relationships and built more value in myself than I have over the past 6 years. I’ve made enough money to pay $10,000 toward my student loans, buy a new car, and buy a house!

What changed?

I told myself that I was worth it. That if I truly believed I was a capable coach and business person, I needed to place value in myself. I started looking at potential clients and competition and realized that there is enough in the world to provide not only for me…but for everyone else too!

Is it scary? Sure! Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. I feel so awake. As soon as I realized I needed to GET OUTSIDE MY COMFORT ZONE and trust that I was capable of giving others my knowledge…and that what I knew could actually help others, everything just clicked into place.